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Revolve Capital is a Revolve-affiliated capital organization comprised of investment funds and investors nationwide that commit capital to entrepreneurial ventures at all stages of investment. Revolve Capital funds invest in high-growth ventures with significant market potential and a solid team. Revolve Capital seeks businesses looking for a growth partner and offers supportive and growth-enhancing expertise to companies in the Portfolio. To learn more about becoming a part of the Revolve Capital Portfolio, please contact a Revolve, Inc. professional.

What We Look For:

World-Class Entrepreneurs: The success of your business has as much to do with the people involved as the idea itself. The best results come from holistic partnerships with our customers along their journey. We only work with entrepreneurs who are passionate, dedicated, and trusting. Most importantly, we have to have fun together. Life is simply too short to do otherwise.

Game-Changing Ideas: It takes courage and vision to create a new paradigm. We are big thinkers and enjoy working with and investing in companies who are going “all in” on a vision that has the potential to create significant change or impact. The rest of the world thinks “seeing is believing,” but for those visionaries who created the automobile, light bulb, and other culture-shifting technologies, “believing is seeing.” As you bring your idea from concept to commercial endeavor, you believe it is possible, then you create the solution!

True Partnership: Investments can come in many forms, including, social, intellectual, and financial capital. By creating true partnerships with our clients and investing significant value in all forms to achieve success in the marketplace, we provide an unmatched experience to your new businesses. We believe that mutual respect for the value of the team is critical to a winning outcome. To that end, we invest in companies and take equity positions based on the VALUE we bring to the organization, rather than on implied values. We align our interest with your success to create a unified vision of the future growth and success of your company.