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The Portfolio

At Revolve, an exclusive and limited number of companies will be selected to be a part of the Revolve Portfolio. A committee of experts from Revolve Law, Revolve, Inc., and Revolve Capital will select candidates to participate in our Portfolio, if they meet our investment criteria. These companies will have the privilege of partnering with professionals who have made it their vocation to understand how to successfully move small companies from start-up to an exit event. Revolve Capital may invite select companies to receive assistance from one of our Revolve Capital Funds, based on the mission of each fund.

The Revolve Portfolio is comprised of an exclusive group of entrepreneurial ventures that meet the Revolve criteria and have been selected for "Acceleration." At the core of the Revolve business model is the Revolve Portfolio. Using a proprietary multidisciplinary model, the Revolve Portfolio will Accelerate the Revolution by empowering innovative businesses to achieve success in the early stages of the business life cycle.

The Revolve Portfolio Companies receive FlexpertiseTM support from legal and business experts often in exchange for equity participation in their ventures. Portfolio Companies work closely with the Revolve team and are required to meet performance and activity metrics to maintain membership in the Portfolio. The standards for admission into the portfolio differ depending on the stage of your venture. To learn more about earning a place in the Acceleration Portfolio, contact a Revolve Professional today.